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AboutBasheer Smaraka Trust

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer (1908 January 19th – 1994 July 5th) stands as a Sulthan in Malayalam literature. By birth he belongs to Thalayolaparambu of Vaikom in Kerala. His works present a vivid depiction of contemporary society. The subtle features of Basheer’s works made him a world renowned literary figure. Realism, humor and radical views on politics, religion and love are the main threads of his writings. Variety, charm and simplicity of language has achieved greater fame for his works. He has successfully depicted the fickleness of the people and hypocrisy of socio-political leaders. Many of his works have been filmed and translated to many languages. As a literary figure he has contributed much for the revival period of Kerala. Through his works he echoes the trumpet of social ripens.

This attitude of Basheer is praiseworthy. The messages he conveys through his works inspire young minds. A fitting memorial for this literary figure is the need of the hour. He has advocated a cosmopolitan view and secular outlook. Views and outlooks conveyed by Basheer should be maintained for social harmony. The people of Kerala aims to undertake the attempt by establishing the Basheer Smaraka Trust.

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer memorial charitable trust aims at cherishing the everlasting memory of Basheer through the proposed activities

  • To foster the cosmopolitan view and secular outlook.
  • To establish a library and research center.
  • To establish a book publishing house.
  • To introduce Basheer memorial awards for outstanding literary works.
  • To own a site and construct an office and research center.
  • To construct a park.
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